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Highly DecoratedFor Dedication, Service and Valor

With over 20 distinguished service awards, including the Medal of Valor, Brian C. Hill has demonstrated his commitment and dedication through the years.  In November of 2016, he was shot four times in the line of duty.  Brian C. Hill knows, firsthand, the physical and mental tolls placed on the individuals under him and their families.

New Initiatives Already Implemented


Proximity Dispatch

This is an agreement between TPD and Shawnee Sheriff’s Office to dispatch the closest Law Enforcement Officer to priority one calls in either the city or county. This program has proven to be a success with several instances of suspects captured and potential lives being saved with faster response times.

Shawnee County Drug Task Force

Virtually every Chief of Police in Shawnee County has signed an agreement to work together combatting drugs across jurisdictional lines.  This Drug Task Force has already produced several arrests and shut down problem houses in residential neighborhoods.

Cross County Investigations

Jackson County and Shawnee County Sheriff’s cross Deputized investigators to assist one another with the crime trends that are moving in and out of our jurisdictions. This will allow better investigation and criminal INTEL sharing.


Streamline NCIC

Changing protocol for civilian employees who were spending countless hours entering non-extraditable misdemeanor warrants into NCIC has allowed more productivity within the work force.

Deputy Cross Training

This Program allows motivated Deputies to have the opportunity to work with Detectives and or Narcotics Investigators after they initiate a traffic stop that results in a case that needs follow up.

Lake Sherwood Outpost

I have just recently signed a lease agreement for an office space in the Lake Sherwood edition. This will be a great addition for the Sheriff’s Office allowing a convenient location to better serve the citizens of Lake Sherwood and allow deputies a working outpost for policing functions.


UAS 'Drone' Initiative

This initiative has resulted in arrests of suspects performing break-ins.  The UAS is becoming more and more utilized in policing procedures such as checking cars after felony car stops, checking the area for runaways, and fugitive suspects.

INTEL System

This system allows investigators to check real time crime stats for the county. It shows break-in days, times, locations, and crime trends. This allows us to take proactive focused policing responses to the high crime outbreaks.

Tactical Vehicle Intervention

This training program is an excepted and tactical approach to ending vehicle pursuits.  The Deputies are equipped with push bumpers and can end chases by spinning out fleeing suspects.  This allows Law Enforcement the latitude to choose safe locations and end pursuits before suspects’ impact civilians

27 Years
of Service

From Uniform Patrol to Major Case Detective
Academy Instructor Narcotics Investigation
Academy Instructor Homicide Investigation
Special Investigator State of Kansas 1998 & 2000
Operations Director for Robbery and Violent Crime Trends

About Brian

Community Leader with 27 Years of Service

From collegiate athlete to extensive service to local coach, Brian C. Hill knows the importance of community.  He believes in positive interaction between Law Enforcement Officers and members of the community to strengthen the community and allow citizens to know their Officers on a personal level.

Bachelor's Degree from McPherson College

Adjunct Professor for Washburn University

SWAT Team Leader with 2,000+ High Risk Entries

Children's coach in Rossville, Silver Lake, Maple Hill, & St. Mary's

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